Send More Paramedics Nottingham, UK's In At The Deep End Records is putting out Unearthed, a Send More Paramedics rarities EP on the 31st of October, 2012, marking the label's 50th release in it's 12 year history.

Featuring tracks that never got an official release while the zombie-themed hardcore band was active, as well as covers of favourite SMP songs by Gallows ('Zombie Crew), Feed The Rhino ('Blood Fever'), and Wounds ('Sever'), the 10" is limited to 911 copies. The three additional bands have all been on In At The Deep End during their histories, with Gallows' first tour being as support for Send More Paramedics in early 2006.

While there will be a digital release with an extra SMP track, the Gallows track is exclusive to the 10".

1. SMP - Zombiefied (Rerecording)
2. SMP - 100 Fighting Dogs (My War cover)
3. SMP - Revenants
4. SMP - Send More Paramedics
5. SMP - 245 Trioxin (Digital version only)
5. Gallows - Zombie Crew (10" vinyl version only)
6. Feed The Rhino - Blood Fever
7. Wounds - Sever