Did you vote?
by Politics

Well, it's election day, the day when - for a brief moment - people really, really care about what happens in Ohio. Soon, the election will be over and that state will be a distant memory, sort of like Seattle after grunge, Australia after Crocodile Dundee or George W. Bush on January 20th, 2009.

Despite what some people say, the two parties are definitely quite different. The Democrats aren't liberal enough for some of you, and the Republicans aren't conservative enough to cheer for the deaths of the poor and uninsured [cough], but issues like the environment, women's health, regulation of small business, net neutrality, copyright, LGBT civil rights, free trade and education are all going to be substantive issues for the next four years.

Most young people don't vote and so their interests are not represented - that's why people over 65 have government sponsored health insurance and you have to go to the free clinic. Even if your chosen party doesn't win, the youth turnout percentages will influence policy. The whole world is waiting to see what will happen, so don't squander your vote.

Did you vote today?