Glenn Matlock, Tommy Ramone to play acoustic sessions in NYC
by Sex Pistols

Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols and Tommy Ramone of The Ramones will be performing an acoustic event at The Cutting Room in Manhattan. The event, which had been postponed due to Hurricane Sandy, is now scheduled for November 14th. Both musicians will be performing acoustic takes on classics from their respective bands.

The venue itself is also pretty notable, being described as "a bizarre Keith Richards dream brought to life." A Urban Daddy article described it further:

A guitar-laden holy temple of rock [,,,] there's a chandelier made of Fender Strats lighting the lobby. [There are[ sweeping balconies lined with beat-up old dining tables. Morrison Hotel prints. Catwalks hiding broken, ancient miniature pianos. Don't go right to the bar. Get a good wide-angle look at it first. Yeah, it's a fretboard, complete with headstock with giant tuning pegs at the end.

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