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Long Island hardcore outfit Divider have signed to Glory Kid Records. The band, which has been around since 2006, was briefly the home of Daytrader vocalist Tym, and previously released 7-inches. As for their sound, they noted: "we used to be fast and loud, now we are loud and slow." We reviewed their 2005 EP, At Twilight.

The band has some music from their last, self-released 7-inch on their Bandcamp. They are headed to Europe in December.

December 1, 2012Paris, ()La Cantine de Belleville
December 2, 2012Dublin, ()The Bruxelles Bar
December 3, 2012Liege, ()JAZZ A LIEGE
December 4, 2012Krefeld, ()Kulturrampe
December 5, 2012Tilburg, ()Extase B.V.
December 6, 2012Berlin-friedrichshain, ()Tiefgrund
December 7, 2012Leipzig, ()atari
December 8, 2012Kassel, ()H**S
December 9, 2012Giessen, ()ak44
December 10, 2012Strasbourg, ()Le Molodoï