Marky Ramone
by Ramones

Ramones drummer and meatball chef Marky Ramone is making history by taking place in "IMAGE:" Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment. Specifically, it's a chance for fans of the last surviving Ramone to purchase and item online and watch Marky sign it live, after which point the item will be mailed to them. According to the press release:

Marky can wish a friend 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Holiday,' and the autographed item is delivered in the mail with a flash drive that includes a personal video as permanent authenticity. Plus instant gratification arrives in the form of a video phone call and a download.

Marky himself is pretty excited for the new opportunity, saying:

We've finally entered the Twilight Zone. I'm so glad that somebody has drummed up this new idea. I've been signing autographs forever, but I never imagined such a cool concept. This is the special sauce that this industry has been waiting for.

You can find out more at Marky Ramone's website.