Screaming Females

Earlier this year New Brunswick, NJ's Screaming Females were forced to cancel a tour midway through due to their lead singer, Marissa Paternoster, coming down with Mononucleosis--also known as Mono or the "kissing disease." Since then, the singer has been suffering from severe body aches and seeing a chiropractor to try and mend the pain. Marissa recently posted an update on her condition:

Here is a very brief run down of where I stand right now as far as my health is concerned. I am doing my very best to get back into tip-top shape as quickly as possible so that we can return to the touring circuit that I already miss so much. Even though I'm not in any shape to get back in the van, we've been writing some new songs and I feel confident that I will be ready to get back on the road sooner rather than later. Thank you for all of the get well wishes and for your patience!

Marissa drew a comic to explain exactly what is going on with her health. It is believed that she suffers from a rare condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. You can read the entire comic here for more information.

Screaming Females released Ugly earlier this year.