Radio Like You Want - Quit Your Day Job
by Podcast

We're thrilled to begin sharing episodes of the podcast Radio Like You Want, the twice-monthly showcase of punk and garage music is hosted by Blag Dahlia, notorious frontman for The Dwarves and former Neat Neat Noise host Mike Routhier.

On the latest episode:

Mike and Blag verbally assault the "Dunderklumpen of dance/punk" Jonass of Swedish hit-makers Quit Your Day Job plus new tracks from The Jon Spencer Blues Explorsion, Man or Astro-Man?, Titus Andronicus and Hewhocannotbenamed.

You can find the full track list here. Click Read More to stream and/or download the show, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.

Radio Like You Want - 11.15.12 - Quit Your Day Job