Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater, the new project from Atreyu drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller, have set a release date for their debut full length, Begin Again. The album is due out February 5, 2013 and the band will be supporting the album with a US tour opening for The Darkness.

  1. Gimme Love
  2. Hail Mary!
  3. Tragedy
  4. Terrorized In The Night
  5. Rock Waters Edge
  6. Find The Time To Breath
  7. When The Morning Comes
  8. Go Alone (Featuring M. Shadows)
  9. Crash & Burn
  10. Come Alive
  11. We All Wanna Go Home
  12. Tragedy (Villain Remix) - Bonus Track
  13. The Boxer - Bonus Track
  14. Pretty Penny - Bonus Track