Brendan Kelly
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Fat Wreck Chords

Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms has written a somber and somewhat lengthy blog posting about "malfunctioning computers" and the long-term consequences to the country. He explained:

Here on earth, when you're born, you're issued a computer. […] Some people's computers start out fine, but then someone else with a faulty computer goes in and rewires it and fucks their computer all up in the process. In short, there are a lot of extremely powerful computers out there, with unbelievable potential that are malfunctioning. The funny thing is, here in America, we've closed down all the supercomputer repair shops [and] because these computers are SO powerful, we have decided to be afraid of people with malfunctioning computers to the point where we stigmatize and marginalize them.

I think we can all agree that enough people in America with severely malfunctioning computers have gotten their hands on assault rifles and used them to do enough unspeakable, unimaginable, horrible, nightmare inducing things that the idea of killing a whole flock of geese at once (for example) can't POSSIBLY be enough of a reason to justify keeping these extremely dangerous weapons around.

Find the posting here.