I had a chance to talk to Scott from Earth Crisis about the new record, touring plans and other stuff.

Few bands have had the power and influence in hardcore that Earth Crisis has. The band has evolved into one of the most prominent and outspoken voices in straight edge, and probably music in general. With their reunion with Victory Records, the new record Slither is most eagerly anticipated. I had a chance to do a quick e-mail interview with Scott Crouse from Earth Crisis, it's short but we covered a bunch of stuff.

1) I've noticed a lot of people find a similarity between Earth Crisis' ideals and the infamous (and in my opinion) bigotted hardline movement. How do you feel about this association, and hardline in general?

Well, I'm not to familiar with Hardline. I only know hear about it from European people in interviews. From what I know of it, we are very different from them. Don't they hate people that eat meat and stuff?

Earth Crisis Band Shot 2) Earth Crisis has a wide appeal and you guys have had the opportunity to play with a lot of sXe and non-sXe bands. Do you feel that the effect of Straight Edge is diminished when you share the stage with bands that hardly practice a drug free lifestyle?

No not at all. We don't dislike people who aren't sxe, so why not play with non-sxe bands. Some of are best friends aren't sxe.

3) I would credit you guys with really pushing the metal-tinged hardcore that has become so popular now days. How does it feel to have defined a movement both musically and lyrically?

Thank you very much for saying so. It makes us feel as though we are appreciated and that's always nice.

4) Some people have found fault with you for jumping to a major, (myself not included, I don't care so much) but how do you reconcile your relatively extremist position with a label like Roadrunner?

Actually Roadrunner isn't really a major label. It is a very large independent label. We have never stated that we would not go to a major label. We are a band and we will go to whatever label will do the most work, and try to sell the most records for us.

5) What can we expect from the much anticipated (especially by me) Slither record, which reuintes you with Victory? I heard the new single and it's great, really reminds me of the older Earth Crisis, with more of a hardcore vibe to them.

On this record we have added many things to the "earth crisis" sound. We have some new vocal styles along with some of the older vocal styles like on All Out War. It's not just one style the whole way through.

6) What can people do to encourage people to look into a drug-free, and earth-friendly lifestyle? Veganism and straight edge is one answer, but is there more to global change than personal change only? How can we educate ourselves?

I think personal change is the most important. People have to understand that there are consequences for there actions. In my experience setting a good example is the best way to get things across to people. No one wants to be yelled at or told that what they are doing is wrong. Instead, I think in time, the people you are around will start asking questions and realize that what they are doing is harmful, and what you are doing makes sense.

7) What records are you listening to right now?

I am listening to the best of Queen and the new Incubus record right now.

8) What books are you reading, or would you recommend?

Right now I am reading Bag of Bones by Stephen King.

9) How do you feel about the Internet, and the ubiquituousness of technology in our modern lives?

The Internet makes my life, and so many other peoples, so much easier. I have no problem with it as of yet. Give me more time though, I'm kind of new to it.

10) Are you planning a tour in support of the new record? And can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes, we will be touring the whole world supporting this record. We start in the states on June 20, and go to Europe in September.

Finally, thanks for answering our questions, I appreciate your time.

Thank you for the interview.