Big D and the Kids Table
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Ska and Reggae

Big D and the Kids Table are currently raising funds towards an upcoming pair of albums via Kickstarter. After three records -Strictly Rude, Fluent in Stroll and For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious - and a compilation - Built Up From Nothing: The D Sides and Strictly Dub - via Side One Dummy Records, the ska outfit is apparently going out on their own.

The band also explained why they want to record two albums:

[Our] style of music ranges from Ska, Punk, Thrash, Dub, Reggae and Stroll --a style of music they've created. This allows [us] to appeal to a diverse collection of listeners. By raising money for these two records, [we] will be able to record an upbeat Ska-Punk record for their fans that love high-energy music as well as a Stroll-Reggae record for listeners who enjoy the band's more eclectic sound.

Check out the fundraiser here.