The Blackout Pact compiling previously unreleased material on cassette

Denver, CO's The Blackout Pact have announced plans to release a collection of unreleased material on cassette. The tapes will feature the previously unreleased Wolves in the Lazarette EP as well as demos and rarities entitled Bold Intentions. Added Warmth Recordings will be releasing the cassettes, which will be limited to 100 copies each be accompanied by a digital download. The decision to release the music on cassettes is because vinyl is "way too fucking expensive and CDs just get thrashed and used as coasters." Other details about the decision to make the unreleased music available to fans were also revealed:

I'd much rather have people enjoy these songs for what they are - [then] have these songs just sit there in purgatory with nowhere to go. I was able to get most of the tracks from Wisam's [Alshabi] library and I also got in touch with a few producers to retrieve some of those tracks from their archives as well. Why bother…you may ask? Well - I waste nobody's time but my own. It's mine to waste so let it go…

The cassettes will be available for purchase in two weeks.

The Blackout Pact released Hello Sailor in 2005 and broke up the following year. Check out the cover art for the cassette below.