by Thick

Straight from the evil minions at THICK Records HQ:

  • The much anticipated OIL compilation has returned from the factory and is ready to move out of THICK Records HQ. How do you get one, you ask? Just hit and pre-order OIL now. What is the OIL compilation? It is the end result of a marathon recording session that took place over 15 days time this past September in an old, albeit still functioning oil factory on Chicago's South Side. 19 of Chicagos' best underground bands are represented on the comp including Alkaline Trio, The Arrivals, Bitchy, Check Engine, Detachment Kit, The Dishes, Duvall, The Ghost, Haymarket Riot, Lawrence Arms, Local H, The Matics, Bob Nanna, Owls, Plain White T's, The Reputation, Rise Against, Tom Daily, and The Tossers. Click here to read diary entries from all the OIL sessions.
  • Mars Studios is hosting THE GC5 as they begin tracking their 3rd full length record. Ryan Foltz of The Dropkick Murphy's is producing again after proving himself on the critically acclaimed "Never Bet The Devil Your Head". The early word says that THE GC5 will add some "rootsy" sounds to their punk rock attack. THICK hopes to release the record in September, in the meantime suck on the bands new website. In other GC5 news, Leproch Records (Ireland) has made "Never Bet The Devil Your Head" available in The UK. A spring tour is in the works. Click here to read a review of the GC5's most recent album.
  • Bob Trondson, drummer of The Blue Meanies, has had his short film entitled "Range Life" accepted to the NO DANCE film festival. The event takes place January 16th to 21st in Park City, Utah. The movie is Trondsons' first attempt at a film outside of the music video realm, where he has done work for The Lawrence Arms, The Disturbed and Blue Meanies. The project was shot in Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin last Fall and stars Billy Spunke(blue meanies), Jeane Mclure (Siderunners), Dave Winer (JDavis Trio) and Bones (Tossers) as the band JEHOVAS SHITLIST. THE SHITLIST story has an uncanny resemblence to the last days of Trondsons band The Blue Meanies. To make things even wierder, Billy Spunke, who plays the character of Johnny Go, sings The Blue Meanies song "Camaro Man" in the movie. So does art imitate life or life, art?