Gifts from Enola

Post rock outfit Gifts From Enola have called it quits. They made this statement:

Despite all of the incredible experiences we had, [the band] left us in financial discomfort after a handful of years of grinding it out full-time. Since completing A Healthy Fear, we've transitioned from constantly living and breathing [the band], to hopping into the "real world" and placing the band much further down on our respective priority lists. Instead of drawing it out and [playing] a couple of shows every year, we'd rather cut the cord now and go out with an album that we think does a good job at defining everything we wanted to do.

The band released A Healthy Fear in November 2013. Before that, they put out Gifts from Enola in 2010 and From Fathoms in 2009. The band will play one final show on June 8th at The Blue Nile in Harrisonbug, VA.