Matt Skiba explains why he hates the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes"
by Epitaph

Matt Skiba of The Alkaline Trio spoke to The Onion AV Club about his intense dislike for the Spin Doctors' 90s-era hit "Two Princes." Skiba explained:

I understand what the song is supposed to be about, but it just represents, like, the opposite of Bob Marley or Billy Bragg or something. It's "white people without problems" music. I just envision hippies in a VW driving around San Francisco like, "Weee!" in the '90s. I don't miss the point that it's two guys vying for the attention of this one girl, and one guy has money and one guy doesn't or whatever. But the delivery and the choice of words and all of it, it just makes me want to throw up. The way this song starts is just like a fart in a moonsuit

Skiba has been making the press rounds in support of the Trio's newly released album My Shame Is True .

For your edification, we've included the Spin Doctors' video below followed by a palette cleanser from the Trio's new album and this editor's favorite Trio song.