Allout Helter to release 'Sinking, We Regress'

Denver thrashers Allout Helter announced the release of their first full-length album, Sinking, We Regress. The nine song album is slated for release on Tuesday May 28th via Dang!Records. It was mastered by Chris Fogal (of The Gamits) at Black and Bluhm Records. Details for pre-order packages are available on the Dang!Records website. All pre-orders receive an immediate download of the first track on the album, "Assume the Imposition" which happens to be streaming over at For the Love of Punk here.


Sinking, We Regress Track List:

1. Assume the Imposition
2. Idiot Box
3. Millennia
4. Thrasher ’89
5. A Stranger in a Familiar Land
6. Danny’s Gone AWOL
7. Andromeda III
8. El Barquero de los Muertos
9. Darkest Days