No Warning

Toronto hardcore outfit No Warning have announced plans to reunite for a new 7-inch. The band, which is fronted by Ben Cook -- who now performs in Fucked Up, Yacht Club and Young Governor -- broke up in 2005, a year after releasing Suffer, Survive via Warner Bros. Bridge Nine Records reissued their 2002 LP Ill Blood earlier this year. Cook explained the band's reunion and (lack of) future plans beyond the 7-inch:

An old member has found himself in a difficult and very serious situation and we want to help him and his family financially. We are all still very tight with each other so getting together for this was very easy for us. I have no interest playing live. I don't want dudes yelling in my face or jumping on me. I like creating music with these cats, and that's that. We've been offered lots of money to get back together. Maybe it's selfish of me to decline all these offers based on those reasons, but this band was a very special thing to us at one point. Getting back together for bills like everyone is doing now is cheap and I think it's corny…. No disrespect to bands who choose to do so, just not my vibe."

The 7-inch will feature a new song, "Resurrection of the Wolf," and an unannounced cover song on the b-side. It's expected out soon via Cook's own label, Bad Actors Inc.