Warped Tour offering free admission for parents
Contributed by heavypettingdrew, Posted by Warped Tour

Fully embracing the increasingly younger audience that frequents the Warped Tour, organizer Kevin Lyman has decide to provide free access to the festival for parents. He explained:

Patrons can pick up the ticket at the Vans tent out front. We've been noticing on our boards lots of fans without transportation. We decided everyday for 2013 should be Mother's and Father's day, so we will celebrate by giving any parent who is bringing someone [under 18] to the Warped Tour a ticket to enjoy the fun.

The new program is in addition to the already existing Reverse Daycare tent which gives parents a place to hang out complete with air conditioning and cold drinks. Once again though, life imitates The Simpsons. - which was sort of making fun of Disney's Pleasure Island too.