World's Scariest Police Chases / Anti-Flag: '20 Years of Hell: Volume 1'
by A-F

Anti-Flag and A-F Records have revealed World's Scariest Police Chases as volume one in their 20 Years of Hell 7-inch series. Chris 2 had the following to say:

I know you are not supposed to play favorites with your children. And being a ¼ of Anti-Flag and A-F Records means that all of our collective releases are our "kids"… But fuck it. This is hands down the most important record we released and may ever release. I produced it with them over 4 days and I still LAUGH, CRINGE, FEEL SHOCKED AND OFFENDED by each brutal track. They're fucking cops. They'll steal your pot. They hate their dads. And their songs are fucking incredible.

The 7-inch features two "re-envisioned" Anti-Flag tracks and two unreleased tracks from World's Scariest Police Chases. The entire series can be ordered here