No Sir, I Won't

It's Friday! That means the start of the weekend for desk jockeys like me, and the beginning or continuation of the work week for people with real jobs. Farmers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, moms and dads, that sorta thing.

Our first new review today is from John Flynn, who likes the new No Sir, I Won't EP, The Door , a lot:

Musically, they play a sort of classic hardcore that combines the feel of Dead Kennedys and the crust of Crass and Discharge. The band have followed up their More Politicians with this six-song EP, The Door, and it builds on the two songs found on the earlier EP, giving the group a chance to really show what they can do.

Second, John Gentile had the distinct pleasure of catching an intimate Kid Dynamite performance in San Mateo, CA recently:

Kid Dynamite seem to still be finding their footing. Throughout the night, all four members of Kid Dynamite rarely moved about onstage, which sunk their energy somewhat. Their technical skills are coming along nicely, but they need to inject some feeling into their singing and playing.

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