Dog Party

Hey friends, we've posted a couple of new reviews as we do every weekday.

First, John Gentile examines Lost Control, the new album from California pop-punk wunderkinds Dog Party:

Lost Control is based in classic American punk. The band flip between the electric buzzsaw of Ramones and the sharper riffage of classic LA punk a la the Germs and the Weirdoes. Their mentor, Kepi Ghoulie, has his influence heard on tracks like "How are You Doing?" in which the girls blast out a minute-long bopper that is a loving tribute to '50s rock and the bubble gum side of Joey R.

Read John's review of Dog Party's Lost Control right here.

Then, Renaldo Matadeen takes a look at the new album from Adeline Records punks Stickup Kid, Future Fire:

I've found a lot of disjoint and musical disconnection with quite a few pop-punk records lately, but just like Hostage Calm and The Story So Far, Stickup Kid maintain a pace that adds flavor, and at times, flashiness to their sound.

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