Those damn dirty hippies over at Buddyhead seem to get off on making vinyl. Apparently only cool people own record players [well, them and your parents], so they feel obliged to reward said cool people. So they asked me if I would give away two copies of their brand new Burning Brides/The Icarus Line split 7" [viewable here and here on nifty colored vinyl]. So here's how you can win - send an email to CONTEST CLOSED with your name and address and the type of record player you own. As much as I want to see you guys without record players win this and put it on eBay, I'd much rather see them go into hands of people who actually can play records. Please, only one entry per person. I'll draw the two winners next week.

Also, don't forget to enter our Rainer Maria/Mates Of State/Owen and Rise Against contests!