Good Grief / BUZZorHOWL; Dog Party

On this day of the Lemmy, we have posted not one, but two new reviews featuring three bands, three shows, two guys, two girls and a crepe place.

First, Rich Cocksedge reviews the new split 7-inch from Good Grief and BUZZorHOWL. The answer is obviously HOWL every time:

Holy moly, two of the finest labels in the UK join up to release this four track single featuring a pair of trios from Liverpool (fortunately, neither sound like the Beatles - how's that for an example of stereotyping?!).

Read Rich's review of the Good Grief / BUZZorHOWL split right here.

Then, John Gentile went to see Dog Party live not once, not twice, but thrice in the Bay Area:

However, with the release of Lost Control Gwen and Lucy Giles are no longer "little girls" but rather, are young ladies. Therefore, their three shows in the bay area, which were in support of the release of Lost Control, saw them stepping up to the adult's batting plate. They nailed it.

Read John's review of these Dog Party shows right here.

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