Bloodhound Gang members face five years in Russian prison for flag desecration

Following the lockup of members of Pussy Riot for their form of protest, Mother Russia has now turned its sights to the Bloodhound Gang. Russia has recently opened a criminal case that names Bloodhound Gang members "Evil" Jared Hasselhoff (real name Jared Hennegan) and vocalist James Franks as suspects. Russia alleges that during a Bloodhound Gang concert in Ukraine in late July, Evil Jared stuffed a Russian flag down the front of his pants, pulled it out the back of his pants, and then threw the flag at the audience.

Although Russia states that it has not formally charged any member of the Bloodhound Gang with any crime yet, it is currently investigating whether it will charge them with "inciting enmity and humiliating human dignity" which can result in five years in the slammer. Note that no one from the Bloodhound Gang was taken into custody. This is the second flag related mishap for this band in a few months as last month, Evil Jared was banned from visiting Ukraine after a video was posted of him peeing on the Ukraine flag.