Have a great weekend, everyone. Maybe go see a live show or something.

First, Derek Perry of Fake Problems saw Wavves perform poolside in Las Vegas and honestly could anything be more perfect:

An admittedly outrageous description for a Billboard-charting, Pitchfork sucking indie rock band high atop Sin City's strip-flush with camera crews, hipsters, megatrons, and multinational corporate sponsors-Wavves played up the extraordinary situation as the 'worst show ever,' offering amazing self-deprecating dialogue, disgusting facial close-ups (via megatron), and an onstage-largeframe-finger-down-the-throat-puke by frontman Williams.

Read Derek's review of the show here.

Second, John Gentile recently caught Kicker live in Oakland:

Indebted to the original wave of English punk vocalists, Pete [the Roadie] was animated, marched back and forth across the stage, while making signals ranging from the two-finger salute to the evil eye. Clearly having a blast, Pete would frequently push his way through the audience and grab hold of the nearest person.

Read John's review of the show here.

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