Ministry's Al Jourgensen to launch comic series

Ministry's Al Jourgensen will be releasing a 13-issue comic book series,set to premiere at next July's Comi-Con in San Diego. Al teamed up with British artist Sam Shearon for the series which will see each issue based around a Ministry album. The co-creators promise a single story arc joining all 13 comic books together, and is themed in chronological order similar to Ministry's catalogue. The main thread will focus on aliens, conspiracy theories, the occult and the vile and corrupt world of governments… and of course record labels.

The story is seen as an alternative view of the life and times of Alien F. Jourgensen and his rise to 'super' power that you won't find in his autobiography. Combining elements of history and real-life Jourgensen experiences - including many tidbits that were left out of his recent autobiography - the comic books will have our hero traveling the world as a rock musician where he meets and interacts with figures such as William Burroughs and Timothy Leary.