Happy hockey season, everyone!

Today's first new review is from John Gentile, who viewed the Live at Rockpalast 1990 from Einsturzende Neubauten:

inturzende Neubauten were crazy as hell. Live at Rockpalast opens with frontman Blixa Bargeld stomping onto the stage by himself, yelling at people in German, and then smashing out an extended, single minor chord. He then repeats this again and again, growing wilder and more unhinged with each strike. Finally, the band appear behind him on "Feuiro" and EB begin their avant-industrial metal grind act.

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Then, user powerbait (nice Digger reference) offers some thoughts on the new album from Broadcaster, A Million Hours:

Masterful producer J. Robbins has taken fairly straightforward rock songs and imbued them with subtle touches that allow A Million Hours to rise above generic pop radio rock that could lazily be attributed to the band. It is easy to lump bands into categories and then dismiss them, and calling Broadcaster "'90s revival" is fair but negligent of what is happening here.

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