Fall Out Boy

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Today's first new review is from Bryce Lancer, who gave Fall Out Boy's PAX AM Days EP a fair shake:

Recorded over a two-day marathon session with Ryan Adams producing, Pax AM Days finds Fall Out Boy - having already reunited in secret and saved rock and roll, they think - seeking to conquer a new foe by channeling their earliest influences into eight quick bursts of analog-recorded, barely-produced hardcore.

Read Bryce's review here.

Then, Jason Epstein gives us a bird's eye view of a recent AFI live show:

For AFI, the stage is as much a playground as it's ever been. Hunter Burgan and Adam Carson are emotive performers, while Jade Puget twirls and broods without a hint of expression (his fingers do the work for him) and Havok's intensity, flawless note-hitting and audience interaction all contribute to a special aural and visual experience for audience members.

Read Jason's review here.

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