Suburban Legends

Have a great weekend. Hope it's hoodie weather where you are.

Today's first new review is Rich Cockedge's take on the new LP from Jon Creeden, Beards!:

On Beards!, Creeden's clean guitar sound and slightly gritty voice create a winning combination. On top of that, the songs are well written and the lyrical content doesn't come across as being hammered into place to fit the design of the songs and the chosen vehicle by which they are delivered.

Read Rich's review here.

Then, Renaldo Matadeen talks about the new EP from Suburban Legends, Dreams Aren't Real, But These Songs Are, Vol. 1:

The EP is fun and the band inject a lot of warmth into these nostalgic and somewhat juvenile tunes. This is exemplary of how Surburban Legends take heed from bands like Streetlight Manifesto, Big D and The Kids Table, Less Than Jake and of course, Reel Big Fish, while sticking to their guns and carving out their own sound.

Read Renaldo's review here.

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