Bomb the Music Industry!

Bomb The Music Industry! will be playing their final, final show on Jan. 19 at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon ET here; the group are offering a free live recording of the show (once mixed) to each ticket buyer. Cheap Girls will support, and other bands are expected to be announced soon. Here's what BTMI had to say about it:

Over the past eight years this band has taken us to three continents, countless houses, basements, bars, venues, a few backyards, a lot of tasty restaurants and introduced us to most of our best friends in the world. We'd like to have one last big "fuuuuuuck yeah!" with everybody who has made the past eight years so special for us. We're doing this on a Sunday of a four-day weekend while college is not in session, with the hopes that anyone who would like to make the trip will be able to do so. Or if you think we're like the worst, then, y'know, just stay wherever you are.

It's kind of crazy to think of when this project first started. The major label excess, the RIAA suing students & grandparents for downloading music, releasing music for free or suggested donation being a laughable idea. It's really great to see how the landscape has changed to a much more level playing field - where everyone has the ability (and is encouraged) to share their music with the world. We've been lucky to be part of a wonderful group of bands, and watch a handful of buddies transcend what is thought to be possible by kids in basements jamming. To have a band called Bomb the Music Industry! seems anachronistic. That boring greedy shit monster has been in its death shakes for years.

Bomb announced their breakup in August of 2012, and toured the eastern US and Australia after that announcement. Their last album Vacation was released in 2011.