The Hung Ups

Today's first new review comes from reader Kursk64, who tells us about Paper Arms' The Smoke Will Clear:

Three years on from their debut full-length Days Above Ground, Adelaide, South Australia's Paper Arms have returned with The Smoke Will Clear, and it has been well worth the wait. In the interim, vocalist/lyricist Josh Mann's marriage came to an end, and while he has stated that he didn't want to go straight in and write a negative and depressing record, no one could be expected to go through such a life-changing event without a few emotional scars.

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Then, Rich Cocksedge talks up the split 7-inch from The Hung Ups and the MOANS:

In the case of this six-tracker from Salt Lake City's the Hung Ups and Sacramento's the MOANS, I was already familiar with the former, possessing most of their back catalogue whilst the MOANS were just a band I'd recently started noticing people discussing on various social media networks, so the advantage was initially with the SLC-based quartet.

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