Chris Farren (Fake Problems) and Toby Jeg (Red Scare Industries)

In our third edition of guest Best of 2013, Frankie the Santa Cat, is happy to bring you Chris Farren of Fake Problems and Toby Jeg of Red Scare.

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.r grid-20 { min-height: 75px; Image Chris Farren does vocals and guitar for Fake Problems. Chris says:

Below you will find my controversial list of ten albums I found myself enjoying the most this year. Iâ??ve excluded records by friends of mine because it feels weird to pit them against each other for my entertainment (as I often do in real life).

UPDATE: Everything on this list is irrelevant now that the new Beyoncé record is out. Praise Beyoncé.


Superchunk: I Hate Music

Merge Records

Strap on your machine gun because this is pop punk worth defending!


Tegan and Sara: Heartthrob

Warner Bros.

Break out your disco ball because this indie-pop duo just started a dance party!


Sky Ferreira: Night Time My Time

Capitol Records

Hey keep that disco ball out because this one is also a dance party except sometimes itâ??s very sad! Kleenex! Get kleenex and a disco ball!


Neko Case: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You


Great, good, youâ??ve already got Kleenex because this record is very sad and depressing. The saddest most depressing record sung by someone with the voice of a thousand angels.


Kanye West: Yeezus

Def Jam

Oops I like it!!! Very scary music!!!


King Krule: 6 Feet Beneath The Moon

True Panther Sounds

I canâ??t understand anything this British nut is saying but I like it, and in his music videos him and all of his 14-year-old friends are smoking weed and it looks very funny to me.


Volcano Choir: Repave


This is a very beautiful (beautiful!) record that employs sounds I canâ??t even comprehend. Amazing production and awesome songwriting.


Paramore: Paramore

Fueled By Ramen

Woah what a curve ball!!!!!!!!!! Paramore? Yep! I like this record a lot! If you like Michael McDonald or Steve Winwood type stuff (you do) you should listen to this record. Itâ??s very good and I mean it!


Haim : Days Are Gone

Polydor Records

Many of my dearest friends think this record is a huge W.O.T. (waste of time) but it has really grown on me. Haimâ??s songs have everything I love so much about Fleetwood Mac. Very cool.


The National: Trouble Will Find Me


*Toot toot* here comes the sad train again! The National rocks. Best lyrics and drum beats in the biz (show business). Thank you.

Image Toby Jeg runs Red Scare. Toby says:

Here's what I think are the 10 best (non-Red Scare) releases of 2013. Also known as, "Every time I try listening to Death Grips it sounds like my computer is crashing. But it's not."


RVIVR: The Beauty Between


This stuff is better live, but Erica's powerhouse voice is undeniable. Cool art too.


Sundowner: Neon Fiction

Fat Wreck Chords

"Cemetery West" is one of the best jams of the year.


Snoop Lion: Reincarnation

Berhane Sound System, Mad Decent, Vice, RCA

A pretty fun listen and it's diverse enough to keep ya interested all the way through.


Off With Their Heads: Home


This might be the best batch of songs Bill Stevenson has ever worked on.


Canadian Rifle: Deep Ends

Dirt Cult Records

Jake painted my apartment in exchange for plugging his record.


Swinginâ?? Utters: Poorly Formed

Fat Wreck Chords

It's dynamic and good; as though the band set out to make an Utters mixtape.


El-P & Killer Mike: Run The Jewels

Fool's Gold Records

Do dope, fuck hope.


The Copyrights: Shit's Fucked

It's Alive Records

Twenty-four songs of Copy's B-sides, 7-inch songs, covers, etc. Yes please.


The Flatliners: Dead Language

Fat Wreck Chords

I think "Caskets Full" and "Birds Of England" are the best punk songs of the year.


Criminal Damage: Call Of Death

Feral Ward

If you're an oi!/streetpunk band in 2013 then your band better be AWESOME. They are.

Here's 5 awesome shows that I remember from 2013 :

5Immortal Technique and Brother AliChicago, ILMetro
4Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, Masked Intruder, Direct Hit!Chicago, ILBeat Kitchen
3The Business and Brick AssassinChicago, ILBeat Kitchen
2Cobra SkullsGainesville, FLThe Florida Theater (The Fest)
1Final show of the Red Scare Across America TourMilwaukee, WICactus Club

Top 10 movies that I've seen so far in 2013 (I'm still pissed that I forgot to list The Innkeepers on last year's list!).

10. Elysium
09. Star Trek Into Darkness
08. The Place Beyond The Pines
07. 12 Years A Slave
06. Dallas Buyer's Club
05. Inequality For All
04. The Act Of Killing
03. We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks
02. The Book Thief
01. The Informant