Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%

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Here's your question and answer of the week from the Punknews Formspring:

Q: metal or punx?

A: As an art form? Definitely punk. Heavy metal rules, but if you compare the range of sounds from metal- Sabbath to Judas Priest to Slayer to Deafheaven, say, to the range of sound in punk, from The Sex Pistols to Devo to Bomb the Music Industry! to Discharge to Gnarboots, punk has a wider range and is more experimental, overall. Punk for the win.

But, as a social group? Definitely metal. Whenever I go to a punk house show, or even a punk concert, people are just constantly trying to "be too cool" and tend to be more cliquish and self absorbed. People seem to not be there to make friends or even enjoy the show, but just display their punk cred or whatever. But, for most metal shows, it's like a huge party. Everyone there is glad that everyone is down with the band playing and is excited to get their face melted off. At a metal show, you'll meet tons of cool people, like "Hacksaw Jim," or Thomas the guy who literally hasn't bathed in four months or maybe even your future wife- like I did when she gets early release in 2016!!!!!

-John G

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