The wait is over. Here's our interview with all four members of California punk band Tsunami Bomb. Click READ MORE to read about pretty much everything you could ever want to know about this band [and then some]. If you'd like to read a review of their newest album "The Ultimate Escape," click here.

Please state your name and what you do in this band.
Agent M; I sing in the band.
Dominic, I play bass.
Mike. I play guitar.
My name is Gabe, and I play the drums.

Please describe your band to my grandmother.
Agent M--We are fast, loud rock music, but we have a nice young lady as our vocalist and three strapping young men playing the instruments.
Dominic--Good music that grandkids love.
Mike-- Good 'ole fashion rock 'n' roll.
Gabe-- Kind of poppy, snappy, and all together snazzy.

How long has Tsunami Bomb been together? How long has the current lineup been playing?
Agent M--We have been together for almost 5 years now, and the current lineup has been active since May 5th 2001 when we played our first show without our keyboardist.
Gabe-- Hmm…Tsunami Bomb has been playing for about 5 years. The current lineup has existed for about 2 ½ years.

I've always been fascinated by your name. My friend Moldy and I love to say "Tsunami Bomb!" all the time, in various speeds and pitches. How exactly did your name come about?
Agent M--This question should be answered by Dominic, since he came up with the name.
Dominic--That's funny, I have never attempted that with I should try that. I am glad our name strikes you in such a way. I came up the name before the band had even really started. I had just left a band where everything was pretty ugly and I was dead set on starting a band that would be different, especially since I felt this was going to be my last attempt at creating something great. A band that would act different, play different, treat each other different…everything. So it needed a great name that no one else had, so I tried to think of something that sounded like an experimental destructive weapon. I think I was partly inspired by Japanese anime and to many comic books, but whatever the inspiration, once I thought of Tsunami Bomb, I knew that was the name. Thus, now you say our name in various speeds and pitches.

What happened to your old keyboard player?
Agent M--We truly just parted ways. She wanted to move away, and we weren't ready for a long-distance band. We decided everything would be easier if we did not replace her.
Dominic--To put it simply, it was just one of the situations where people start drifting apart. She seemed to be less interested in the group as a whole and eventually wanted to move away. At the time, finding a keyboard player that could just jump in to our tour schedule was impossible, so we took a risk and went ahead with out one. Surprisingly that's when things exploded and the reaction to our live show was amazing. Since we had to make up for the change, our performances became more intense and in the end, we became a better live band. I think it worked out for the best for all of us. She lives in Texas now and I believe is going to school.
Mike-- She quit.
Gabe-- Oh shit, I thought something was different….

Agent M, rumor has it your brother plays drums for The [amazing] Velvet Teen. Is this true, and if so will we ever see the siblings touring together?
Agent M--I would love that very much - my older brother Logan is one of my favorite people ever. Unfortunately the 2 music styles vary significantly - we (Tsunami Bomb) are hoping to eventually do a hometown show together and see how well it goes over.

Are you happy with Kung Fu Records? Will the next record be coming out on a different label?
Agent M--We are really happy with Kung Fu Records! Everyone who works there is great, and all of our labelmates are wonderful. Our next 2 records will be out on Kung Fu.
Dominic--We are very happy with Kung Fu Records! We spent a lot of time trying to find a label where we could feel at home and where we could grow as a band. Every indie label you can think of passed on us for some lame reason or another, some even tried to convince us to go to a major! Kung Fu was the only one that believed in us at all. They are a fantastic label to be on. Our next album will without a doubt be out on Kung Fu.
Mike-- Kung Fu has been great. The next record will for sure be coming out on Kung Fu.
Gabe-- I love Kung Fu, and Kung Fu loves me. They will most definately release our next record.

I know you guys have a lot of touring lined up for the next few months. Do you have any plans to get back in the studio?
Agent M--We are hoping to write continually until we have a big enough break to start recording. On Warped Tour, there is a mobile studio that goes to every show - hopefully we'll get to mess around in there during the tour.
Dominic--It's tough, we aren't exactly the kind of band that has been able to write on the road much in the past, but we are working on that. We have already started writing and made some rough demos of those ideas. Hopefully we'll have some breaks where we can get some solid writing done. We are hoping to record the next album at the end of the year after all the touring is done.
Mike-- I think the closest we'll be coming to a studio this year will be the John Lennon bus on Warped Tour.
Gabe--We're making rough plans right now to write and record this winter.

It's cliché, I know, but what are your influences?
Agent M--My vocal influences are Morrissey (The Smiths), Billie Joe (Green Day), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), Chris Cheney (The Living End), and Matt Embry (Rx Bandits). There are many more, but those are the main ones.
Dominic--Its such a hard question to answer. I think that's the most dreaded interview question. I guess the bands that have influenced me most have been the bands with the amazing live shows. We have always strived to be a great live band and I have been inspired a lot from bands like Skankin' Pickle, AFI, Green Day, Hot Water Music, and a ton of others. Don't even get me started.
Mike-- I listen to a lot of everything, and most of the time it has some kind of influence on me.
Gabe-- My personal influences are Stewart Copeland, Dave Grohl, Jimmy Chamberlain, and Josh Freese.

How did the co-headlining tour with Hot Rod Circuit come together? You guys don't necessarily have the most similar sounds or fanbases - do you think it will go over well?
Agent M--We have never really had any reservations when it comes to touring with a band of a different genre. We have toured with heavier bands like Avenged Sevenfold, poppier bands like The Eyeliners, indie bands like Counterfit and Fairview, and old school bands like The Damned and The Vandals. We like to always have as many options as possible. What we have found in the past is that if the bands on the show are good, the show will go over well.
Dominic--Our favorite bills and tours have always been the ones with the most diverse line ups. I guess that's one of the reasons we love Warped Tour so much. Underground music is really diverse and I would hate to pick tours by what someone thinks is an appropriate "genre" for us. I think the tour will be great and even challenging for us. The whole point of tours and shows is to increase your fanbase, and people who are fans of either band may discover a whole new band to follow. Besides, we pick tours by the quality of the bands, and Hot Rod Circuit is really an amazing band.
Mike-- I think it's going to go great. They're a great band and I have nothing but great expectations for this tour.
Gabe-- It was as simple as their agent calling our agent, and both bands were planning a tour around the same time, in the same areas. We had heard nothing but great things about them, and decided that it'd be a fun tour.

What has been your favorite tour thus far? Your least favorite?
Agent M--My favorite tour is always Warped Tour. Every year there are so many great bands and so many great people to meet and hang out with. Every day is like a huge party - you get to watch your favorite bands play, and then meet them and hang out in the cafeteria. My least favorite tour… I can't say. That would be bad band etiquette. Truthfully, we really have not had a BAD tour. All of them have been fun in their own ways.
Dominic--We tour so much, there have been so many good ones, but I have to say Warped Tour. Where else do you get a festival of that magnitude with so many types of bands that reflect the ever changing sounds of punk and underground music? Say what you will about the Warped Tour, but I do think we would all miss it if it was gone. As for least, I suppose it would have been one of the many early tours we did by ourselves when no one cared about what we were or what we were doing. Back when we only had 7" vinyl to sell and no one was buying. Even those were kind of fun too though.
Mike-- That's a tough question. Every tour has the good times and bad times, so I don't think I can answer that fairly.
Gabe-- Favorite for me has been the overseas touring with The Vandals and Audio Karate. Least favorite….hmm…I don't really have a least favorite. I've enjoyed every tour we've done.

Speaking of tours, you guys have done a lot recently. You must have some good tour stories - this is your open forum to tell the funniest/most ridiculous of them all. Bonus points for nudity.
Agent M--No good tour stories. Sorry.
Dominic--I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you. We really aren't a nude band anyway.
Gabe-- Just recently, we were in Hamburg, Germany with the Vandals and Audio Karate. One of the locals at the show decided he wanted to show the Americans a good time by taking us out to some of Hamburg's "hot spots". To start off with, these "hot spots" were about 4 miles from the club we were playing, and since the Hamburgian taxi drivers would only drive the Americans in circles around the block to run up the fair, we decided to walk. It was a brisk 10 degrees out, and about 2am by the time we made it to the first bar. "Thees ees thee after pahrty bar! Everbody's gonna be heer!", he repeated over and over again during the walk there. We walk in, and 3 people are there. He stops, looks around as if to make sure he has the right place, then looks at us and says, "We're the first ones here!". Sure buddy. Five minutes later we all get bored of our own company, and decide to relocate. "Thees ees very popular dance club in Hamburg! You gonna like thees place!" He walks us about a mile, through little alleys with drunken germans lining the sidewalks, talking trash to the street walkers, who smile at the sight of men who are still able to walk. We get to this place, and he asks us to wait outside while he talks to the doorman, and tries to get us in without paying the cover. Half of our group (I won't mention any names…hehe) are obviously getting ancy, but decide to give the club a try. We walk in, through plastic drapes, and down a stairway to an underground floor. It's really dark, and there's probably 50 people in the place, all wearing vinyl, fishnets, and thigh high boots. It's a freakin' goth dance club. This crazy, drunken lil' german took us to a goth dance club. If you've ever seen the movie "Teen Wolf" with Micheal J. Fox, think of the "Teen Wolf" dance that they were doing …where they raise their hands up like wolf claws, and growl, side to side… that's what they were doing. Man, I was ready to shoot myself. We lost half of our group at that point…they decided to go back and talk to the street walkers. The lil' german guy took those of us who remained to one more bar, where the first thing I saw as I walked in was a big german woman sitting a a barstool turn to her right, and reach over a pick up a scrawny little man sitting next to her, and put him in her lap. Yeah. We left immediately, and took a cab back as fast as we could.

Do you find your band treated differently due to having a female lead singer? If so, how?
Agent M--We definitely were treated differently some places in Europe. I saw a lot more vulgar gestures directed towards me than ever, and guys shouted a lot of rude stuff too. Generally in the US I feel I've been more respected than that. Another way that we're treated differently is in the pranks department. The punk rock world really is a little boys' club, and a lot of bands pull silly and/or mean pranks on each other. I think that having a girl in the band makes people hesitate. It's kinda lucky for us, because we're not really that type of band anyway. Silly pranks are ok, but pranks that could potentially damage us or our property are not. Sometimes bands do some crazy stuff to each other!
Dominic--Yeah, sadly I think we have been. It bothers me because M is straight up one of the best vocalists out there today and I would put her up against anyone, male or female. I honestly feel that way, she is that good. Still the most obvious difference is that people (both the audience and the industry) automatically think you are going to be terrible or gimmicky. So we have had to work hard to prove ourselves. We are always proving ourselves, but some of our most loyal fans started out as people who were not into us at all.
Mike-- I think we used to get kind of lumped into this "girl band" type of thing, and people weren't expecting us to bring the rock. Now they know we bring the rock.
Gabe-- Maybe a little. Some people don't like female lead singers, but we always win 'em over in the end.

What are your feelings on MP3s? Do you think that they have helped or hurt your band?
Agent M--I think they have definitely helped. We are a band that believes if someone downloads our music and likes it, they will most likely come to a show and maybe buy something there. Or if they like it enough, maybe they will want the artwork and video that come along with the real cd. Dominic: It has completely helped, especially in the early years. I think the industry needs to look at the bigger picture and focus on the long term. Mp3's are the number one way people are finding out about new music, especially in the underground. Most of those fans, if they find a quality band will buy their albums. It's a new form of radio in a way and I know we wouldn't be where we are without it. It would be nice if labels looked at it as a new way to break music rather then something that will be the death of them.
Mike-- Music is there for everyone. I'm just as guilty of burning records as anyone else, so who am I to judge? I think they have for sure helped this band. I meet people that come to our shows and love us, after only hearing an MP3.
Gabe-- Definitely helped.

A reader told us that they read in an article that you guys clashed with your producer of your newest album while recording it. What happened, exactly? How did it affect the album?
Agent M--We had some personality clashes with our producer Steve. I think he had different end goals than we did. We wanted a good, solid album that portrayed us and our sound well. He wanted the best selling album of the century. Therefore, we had some differing ideas on how things should sound and how they should be arranged. Mixing an album is a difficult task - it can change the entire feel of the album. We're hoping that the next album will sound a little more real, and not so spit-shined.
Dominic--Steve is a talented producer and he does excellent work, but I think that we approached the album with two different visions of the end result. There was clashing and I have to say it was an extremely difficult time. I think he saw the pop aspects of our music and focused on trying to bring out a polished sound that showcased that, but we wanted to bring out more of the darker, more powerful aspects in our sound. I think there was some personality differences as well. I would like to think we did make a good album, especially considering that it is only our first full length. We learned a lot from the experience, both what we will do in the future and what we won't do.

And now, for a ton of reader submissions: "Are girls on tour are allowed to sleep with a bunch of guys just like guys sleep with a bunch of girls?"
Agent M--I don't really understand how you're using the word "allowed". Anyone can sleep with anyone they want to. If a girl on tour wanted to hook up with a different guy every night, I'm sure she could. I'm sure there are some who do.
Dominic--Everyone is allowed to do as they will. Though, just like guys, girls do as their class dictates them to do. Lucky for us, we have a lot of classy people in our band. Mike-Yes.
Gabe-- You'd have to ask a girl who likes to sleep with a ton of guys on tour.

"How did you like playing pizza land in California?"
Agent M--It was fun, but somewhat frightening. Having a sold out show where there is no stage isn't generally a good idea. It results in people moshing into us while we're trying to play, and our "stage" area kept getting smaller and smaller until we could barely move. The best thing about a show like that is that it makes you feel really punk rock.
Dominic--Yes. However it was way to full and with no stage, someone could have been badly hurt. No one was, and it was a intense, amazing show. I wish the people in the back could have seen more…but it was a Pizza place after all.
Mike-- For me it was a very love/hate relationship. Props to anyone who stood in that line and got crushed by that crowd though. Thank you very much.
Gabe-- Loved it.

"Do you like being popular? Are you virgins?" [yes, these two questions were submitted together]
Agent M--To answer both questions at once, here are the ages of the people in our band. 23, 27, 27, and 27. The words "popular" and "virgins" don't really pertain to us anymore. Maybe 10 years ago we would be more concerned about things like that.
Dominic--I guess. No.
Mike-- Popularity is what you make of it. I'm glad people like the music I help make, but it wouldn't bother me if nobody recognized me at the grocery store. Does that make sense? And no, I'm not a virgin.
Gabe-- Hahahahahahaha…. I don't know about being popular..I don't feel popular. And no, I'm not a virgin….haha.

"What do you think of your 7"s selling on eBay for hundreds of dollars?"
Agent M--I think it's insane!!! We sold "B-Movie Queens" for $3.00, and "Mayhem" for $4.00. The B-Movie Queens booklets were designed by Dominic and me, the insert was made with a glue stick, and we photocopied it all at Kinko's. It is quite flattering that people want to have them so badly. We have always wanted to be a band that has lots of collectible and rare items, and we're on our way.
Dominic--Flattered. People are making more off them then we ever did. It is really funny to think that I remember a time when it seemed no one was interested in buying them, how things have changed.
Mike-- I know what it's like to be obsessive.
Gabe--I think it's crazy, cause when we had 'em, we sold them for 3 and $4.

"How did it feel headlining over Sugarcult and Yellowcard at the glasshouse?"
Agent M--Being based out of the north bay area, I am not very knowledgeable about who's who in southern California. To us it was just a good show with a great lineup. We enjoyed playing with those bands a lot.
Dominic--Uh….Great. They are great bands and they seem to be very successful, its good to see good things happen to good people.
Mike-- Both of those bands are great. I'm happy they were able to play that show with us. No ego trips.
Gabe-- Well, at the time, it just felt like a good show.

"What's your writing process like?"
Agent M--Usually one person brings a short riff or melody to practice, then everyone tries building off of it to make it ours. After the music is roughly done, I write the lyrics and melody over it based on how the music makes me feel.
Dominic--Pretty involved. There is not just one writer in the band. We all contribute to every song and all of us bring ideas to the table. Generally we start with a riff or an idea of a few changes, lyrics are added and we develop the arrangement. We spend a lot of time on the arrangement and M spends a lot of time on her lyrics. By the time a song has been finalized we have really put it through the paces.
Mike-- We all write and then re-write until we get it right. Everyone has input on the songs.
Gabe-- Someone comes up with an idea for a song, and we all expand on that idea, until we have a complete song, then M writes the vocal melodies over the top, and the lyrics. Then Justin Timberlake comes in and puts the finishing touches on the song.

"What was it like playing with the Damned?"
Agent M--It was fun. The crowd was really different than any we had played to before - there were a lot more old school punks than we usually draw. The Damned are great people: they are really experienced in the business and have a lot of interesting stories to tell.
Dominic--It was great! They are legends and every bit as good as they ever were. I got to wrestle with Captain Sensible during the last show on stage and let me just say he is a dirty fighter! So I lifted on my shoulders while he wailed on a lead. I hear we will be seeing them again on Warped Tour and I can't wait to see them all again. Great people and we all got along really well.
Mike--Fun, fun, fun.
Gabe-- It was awesome…I love those damned guys, and gal.

"Tsunami Bomb recently completed their first Canadian tour with Downway and I am just wondering how you felt about the whole Canadian tour experience?"
Agent M--The Canadian tour reminded us a lot of some of the first tours we had ever done in the US. On our first US tours, no one knew who we were, we only had the two 7"s released, and we had no real label backing. We were putting in our hard time and laying down a foundation. The Canadian tour was really similar: hardly anyone knew who we were. So we worked extra hard to try and gain as many fans as we could along the way, and it was a lot less profitable and comfortable than our current US tours. But it did seem like the kids were receptive to us out there - we will surely be going back. One major difference between touring Canada and touring the US is that there aren't as many places to play in Canada, yet it's just as huge of a country. The drives were really long and isolated - there were a few times when we almost ran out of gas in the middle of the forest. It was scary. Personally, I thought the terrain in Canada was really beautiful.
Dominic--It was good. Still it was our first tour of Canada and that's always tough. Downway are great and we had a great time with them. There were some rough times though…like being attacked by a hotel owner with a road cone while being falsely accused of stealing pillows. Ahhh….Canada. Plus, no where else have we been warned about Moose on the road. It's a great country and I hope we'll go back at some point.
Mike--That was also very love/hate for me. We met a lot of rad people, and saw a lot of neat things, but we also got chased and assaulted by a motel owner. We'll see next time.
Gabe--"The Canadian Experience"….hmm…it was a thrill ride for sure.

Submitted anonymously - "Agent M, will you go out with me?"
Agent M--No.
Dominic-- HA HA….good luck! Nerd.

"What are your favorite books and authors?"
Agent M--My favorite books of all time are Phillip Pullman's "Dark Materials": The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. They are amazingly written fiction books about parallel worlds, the afterlife, and love. It's a trilogy that I highly recommend. One of my other favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut. I love Breakfast of Champions, Cat's Cradle, etc. Pretty much anything written by him is good.
Dominic--My favorite book of all time has always been Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien. So I am glad so many people are discovering that masterpiece. I love Stephen King and H. P. Lovecraft is a dear favorite of mine. I just finished the Sherlock Homes collection by Sir Authur Conan Doyle and loved every minute of it. I also love The Godfather by Mario Puzo and any of Shakespeare's works, I find myself returning a lot to his plays. That's off the top of my head.
Mike-- My favorite author right now is Nick Hornby. My favorite books right now are all written by him.

"Del Taco or Taco Bell?"
Agent M--Hmmm… that's really tough for me to answer. Sometimes I feel like having a veggie works, and other times I feel like having a 7-layer or a Grilled Stuft with no meat. Try it, it's good! It makes me kinda sad that I know the menus of both places - I don't really want to eat that much fast food, but life on the road makes it unavoidable sometimes.
Dominic-- I am rolling with Del Taco.
Mike-- Taco Mayo.
Gabe-- The Del fo' sho'…

"Why do people in vegas think Tsunami Bomb sounds like Save Ferris and No Doubt? is it the heat or are people in vegas just weird?"
Agent M--I think there are people everywhere who think we sound like Save Ferris and No Doubt. I do think it's really weird. It's something that we in Tsunami Bomb have pondered over the years: why do people associate us with girl-fronted ska bands? We have a number of possible theories. Maybe since there are hardly any girl-fronted bands in punk, people attach us to whatever girl-fronted band they can, whether we really sound like them or not. Name a girl-fronted band, we have been compared to them. X, Tilt, Dance Hall Crashers, Blondie, B-52s, X-ray Specs, 45 Grave, Distillers, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. The thing that distinguishes Save Ferris and No Doubt from all the others is that they are probably the most well-known by the current general public. I am guessing that after The Distillers release their major label debut, we will be compared to them a lot more too.
Dominic--People like to compare girl fronted bands with other girl fronted bands. Its weird, because often they sound nothing like each other, as in this instance. For one, we are not ska….but in the end they are probably trying to pay us a compliment. Just smile and nod at them in a humoring way, then start taking them to more shows.
Mike-- It's not just people in Vegas. Ask St. Louis, MO.
Gabe-- Well, "The Ultimate Escape" and "Rock Steady" are practically the same album.

And the question to end all questions - "Why is wussemorock such a cock ass?"
Agent M--You tell me.
Dominic--I don't know. From what I have read in the forums, wussemorock can be pretty opinionated. I would hardly call someone a "cock ass" for that. I don't even know him or her. Didn't that person say we were "wuss"?
Mike-- I didn't read the cliff notes on the questions. I'm behind.
Gabe-- Maybe cause there's a cock in his/her/it's ass?

Back to my own inane questions. What do you like better, monkeys or robots? Please be thorough in your answer.
Agent M--I like monkeys better - they are funnier and more unpredictable. You never know what a monkey is going to do! It could throw poop at you or accidentally fall out of a tree. Robots can be funny, but I think usually they are just programmed to do things, which does not seem as cool to me. The funniest robot is C3PO from Star Wars, but we all know he's just a man in a suit. A real robot would never be that flaming.
Dominic--I believe that, in fact, Monkeys are bad people. Robots are all that stands between us and total domination. For God sakes man, what if Charlton Heston was right? Listen to "Monkeys are Bad People" by Logan Whitehurst. Its all there.
Mike-- Robots. They're almost human, but instead of organs they're filled with wires and circuits and stuff. Creepy. But sometimes I like to be creeped out.

If you could prevent one death, would it be Kurt Cobain's or John Lennon's, and why?
Agent M--This is a logic question. If I prevented Kurt Cobain's death, there is a pretty good chance he would try and kill himself again anyway (or Courtney Love would try and kill him). So I think the efforts would be better spent preventing the murder of John Lennon. Truthfully, I think both of those artists died before their time.
Dominic--That's a tough one. I probably pick John Lennon. He was murdered, as sad as it was, Kurt Cobain choose his fate.
Mike--Kurt Cobains. If it wasn't for John Lennon's death, I don't think people would have even known who Kurt Cobain was.
Gabe--I agree with Dominic on this one.

What bands do you think we should be on the lookout for?
Agent M--Avenged Sevenfold, Fairview, Scattered Fall, The Frisk, Counterfit, Audio Karate.
Dominic--The Velvet Teen, Fairview, Avenged Sevenfold, Scattered Fall, The Frisk…that's a good group to start with.
Mike-- Idlewild. They're great.

There's recently been a huge signing spree of punk related bands by major labels - AFI, Recover, Poison The Well, Thrice, Thursday, and many more. What are your feelings on this? Is signing to a major label in the band's long term goals? Have you had any offers?
Agent M--I think it will be fascinating to see the results of all of these signings. Personally, I feel like some of them have signed over too soon. I just hope that they all got decent deals. I also hope that they don't have to change their sound to be accepted to radio. It would be one of the most wonderful things in my world if all of those bands took over the radio together. It's about time they played some good music. I am crossing my fingers for them. As for Tsunami Bomb, I have a different outlook on the option. If a label is going to make us change our style and songwriting just so we can be on the radio, I have no faith in that label at all. The way the business is right now, a major label signs a band to try and get them on the radio, so in turn they can have a hit single and sell lots of albums. I feel like there are other ways that labels can promote their bands. Also, why is the radio so inane in the first place? Why do bands have to simplify everything and make everything so unoriginal? The way mainstream radio operates, the public will go out and buy anything that they've heard ten million times. Why not put something good on there and see what happens? The record executives are too scared and conservative these days. Remember when Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins first got played on the radio? The record executives who made those decisions probably have gotten laid off since. I do appreciate that Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age are on the radio, but would they even be there today if Nirvana wasn't such a success? Sorry for the rant; here is a summation. What I'm saying is that no one is adventurous anymore in mainstream music, and this wave of major label punk bands have the potential to turn all that around. I'm hoping for the best.
Dominic--I worry for them. In only a few instances do I feel that bands did the rightthing by going up. So many of them are so young as far as their careers have gone, and I would have liked to see more development. Of them all, only AFI was justified completely in moving into that world in my opinion. They are that huge. Even then, I know for a fact they debated it for a long time! The others that have gone up are amazingly talented bands and a few of them are good friends of ours, but I am not sure if they all were ready for this. I am crossing my fingers that they are able to make the jump into the mainstream world where they will have to deal with the pressures that being on a major brings. Do they have radio hits? Are they that kind of band? Can they resist the influences to change their ways and their sound? I hope so. In an ideal world they will all be huge and a new wave of amazing bands will be inspired and formed because of it. I am watching closely like everyone else. As a fellow musician, I wish them well. As a fan, I can't wait for their next releases. As for Tsunami Bomb, we are not thinking of being on a major label as a long term goal. Our long term goal is to create the best band we can. That is a constant work in progress and we hope that one day when this is all over, people will look back on what we did and remember us as something great. That is the long term goal. Where our path will lead, I don't know…..but we don't let that dictate what we are doing now, and where we are now.
Mike-- I remember when major labels were signing bands like Melvins, Shudder To Think, etc… and it wasn't so out of the ordinary to go by a cd that was on Geffen or Atlantic. I hope this is a new resurgence in music, one where I won't be afraid to actually listen to the radio anymore. The radio! I wish all those bands the best of luck.

Lastly - don't you hate pants???
Agent M--No, I really love pants! I do hate how the garment industry has sized them for twigs. It makes it really hard for me to find a pair that truly fits.
Dominic--Um…no. Not really.
Mike-- Yes.
Gabe-- I actually like pants. Why don't you take your pants-hatin' somewhere else buddy. =)

Okay, this is a free space. Write whatever you want here.
Agent M--Everyone in the world, please stop smoking. You're giving yourself and the people around you tickets to an unnecessarily painful death.
Dominic--See us live. Support local bands….once upon a time everyone was one.
Mike-- Big head like Raja!