New York community board blocks naming of Beastie Boys Square

A proposed naming of an intersection in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Beastie Boys Square in honor of the influential band has been blocked by Community Board 3. The square in question -- Rivington Street, between Essex and Ludlow -- was made famous by the cover of the band's 1989 album, Paul's Boutique.

LeRoy McCarthy, who proposed the idea and has been working to make it happen, was told he needs more signatures even though McCarthy noted that he had already obtained more than the required 75 percent of the signatures from residents and businesses on the block. He added:

Hip Hop was founded in NYC in 1973, since that time, where is the support, and respect for the art form and culture that has made billions of dollars for NYC, given exposure to NYC with pride, and enhanced race relations, among other positives?