The Lawrence Arms; AFI; Integrity

Yo yo yo! This is features editor Johnny G and today we have a The Lawrence Arms review so I don't really need to say anything else:

As for Metropole, staff writer Matt B really dug it:

Metropole isn't visionary, it's nothing new, and it certainly isn't for everyone. But it is the Lawrence Arms par excellence: catchy melodies, superb rhythm, snarky but contemplative, harsh but relieving.

Next, reader Jeremy H went and saw AFI Live in Orlando:

For better or for worse, Davey is a entertainer. Much of his look and stage movement is reminiscent of Morrissey, and that isn't such a bad thing. And while the devil-lock is gone and his shirts aren't quite as tight as Danzig's anymore, the punk influence is still apparent.

Lastly, Yours Truly went and saw Integrity play in their classic line up for the first time in about 20 years in Baltimore. It was mean, nasty, heavy and ruled:

Hellion's distanced and frankly bizarre personality often makes him the star of the band, but, when the massive riffs of Aaron Melnick were brought back to life, ripping through early mosh classics like "Micha" and "Rebirth," the reason why this band is so treasured in the cult circles was clear -- every member of early Integrity made it what it was -- Hellion was an essential part of the band's mindset, but the Melnick brothers were an essential part of the early sound, all which made the band so unique.

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