A titan has crossed the threshold and today the world is a little less bright. As you probably know, earlier this week Dave Brockie of GWAR passed away. Although Dave was best known as being the favorite slave of GWAR vocalist Oderus Urungus, he was also a respected visual artist in his own right, creating trippy and vivid paintings as well as props for GWAR themselves.

At Punknews, we had hoped to set up an interview with Dave about his fantastic paintings, but, unfortunately, that will never happen. So, to pay tribute one of the greatest artists of all time (in this writer's opinion), we have assembled a collection of his paintings for you to appreciate. We have also collected statements by fellow artists about Brockie's passing from around the web. You can also see more of Brockie's art at his own website.

Punknews did speak to Oderus and Dave on numerous occasions, namely in 2010, and again in 2012. Punknews also spoke to Brockie alone in 2013, where he detailed his visit to famous Russia battlefields. He will be greatly missed.

You can click read more to see Brockie's art, to see the music community's reaction to his passing and to share your own GWAR memories.