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us that Washington D.C.'s Spitfires United and Alleged Bricks have a new split 7" titled the "Piss & Vinegar EP" out now on Torque Records. Spitfires United contribute the tracks "All for Yourself" and "One Way" while the Alleged Bricks play "Defense" and "Locked Up." The disc will be available at the bands' shows and at select stores. Speaking of which, a record release show has been set up for Saturday, March 8 at Verona's in Manassas, VA with When In Roam (Mike from Violent Society's band) and The Overprivileged. Click below for some more info on the 7".

100 of the split 7"s are pressed on hot pink vinyl. You can order the 7" direct from Torque Records by sending a check or money order for $5.00 ppd. to P.O. Box 229, Arlington, Va. 22210. Also, look for a full length from Spitfires United this summer on Rodent Popsicle Records.

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