World/Inferno Friendship Society

Late last night, a black cat creeped into the Punknews office and gave us some inside info about the last show of World/Inferno Friendship Society's latest mini-tour.

The show is on April 19 at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Iron Chic will be supporting. According to the band, the show will be special because they'll be playing some songs from their upcoming album, This Packed Funeral, including one song that hasn't yet been released in any form. Additionally, the band will be selling rare releases, including recently re-discovered first pressings of their first album, Bridgewater Astral League as well as Red-Eyed Soul.

Although said black cat didn't make any mention of it, we note that the show conspicuously takes place on Record Store Day and even more conspicuously, is almost exactly 183 days, or one equinox, from the date of the band's annual Hallowmas concert. You can click read more to stream World/Inferno's two newest singles.