Boysetsfire plan 20th anniversary German shows
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BOYSETSFIRE are planning special shows to commemorate their 20th anniversary. The band will be playing four residencies. Each residency will be three days and at each show, they will play one full album plus some greatest hits.

October 1, 2014GrunspanHamburgAfter the Eulogy
October 2, 2014GrunspanHamburgTomorrow Comes Today
October 3, 2014GrunspanHamburgThe Misery Index
October 4, 2014Burgerh.StollwerckKolnAfter the Eulogy
October 5, 2014Burgerh.StollwerckKolnTomorrow Comes Today
October 6, 2014Burgerh.StollwerckKolnThe Misery Index
October 7, 2014LidoBerlinAfter the Eulogy
October 8, 2014LidoBerlinTomorrow Comes Today
October 9, 2014LidoBerlinThe Misery Index
October 11, 2014WienSzeneAfter the Eulogy
October 12, 2014WienSzeneTomorrow Comes Today
October 13, 2014WienSzeneThe Misery Index