Summer Vacation
Contributed by mahalfy, Posted by Break-ups

Summer Vacation has broken up. However, members of the band are forming a new group called Winter Break.

In a release, the band stated:

Summer Vacation is not a band anymore. Thank you to everyone who supported us by coming to our shows, buying our records, saying nice things, and singing a long for the last 5 years of our existence. Thank you California for the love. Aaron, Matt, and I (Mark) will still continue to play together and will be playing most (hopefully all) of the remaining shows on our calendar. Next Saturday, Winter Break will be playing our first show in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill for the Hard Girls record release show. Winter Break will be recording a new album in mid-August.

There will not be a last show. There will not be a reunion. Everyone who was there was there and we appreciate every person who gave us their moment, at the moment. To every person who felt something from our music or experienced some pull or spark from our shows, thank you for listening to us and caring about what we had to say and how we wanted to say it. Goodbye.

R.I.P. 2009-2014 the most annoying sound in the world lives on… - Winter Break