The Melvins have released more details about their upcoming LP. The release is called Hold It In. Playing on the album is original Melvin Buzz Osborne, almost original Melvin Dale Crover, Jeff Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers, and Paul Leary also of The Butthole Surfers. The release is slated for an October 14, 2014 release date via Ipecac Recordings.

Meanwhile, Amphetamine Reptile records will be releasing at least one vinyl single to support the release. The first one slated for release is for the new track "Bride of Crankenstein." There is no release date on that single yet.

Hold it in track listing

  1. Bride of Crankenstein
  2. You Can Make Me Wait
  3. Brass Cupcake
  4. Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit
  5. Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad
  6. Eyes on You
  7. Sesame Street Meat
  8. Nine Yards
  9. The Bunk Up
  10. I Get Along (Hollow Moon)
  11. Piss Pisstopherson
  12. House of Gasoline