Contributed by angele, Posted by Fat Wreck Chords Interviews contributor Angie Lalonde scored an interview with the Mad Caddies on their current tour with Rise Against in Ottawa, Ontario. Click READ MORE to see singer Chuck's opinions on their new album [especially what he thought of my review of the disc], the PGA, drinking, and other equally heavy and socially conscious topics. Click READ MORE to read the full interview, and click here to read my review of the band's latest album.

ANGIE- Were you surprised to be asked to do the Fat Tour again?
A- So you were happy about that?
C- Yes, very happy…
A- Have you played with any of these bands before?
C- Yeah, we played with Rise Against
A- And how’s Canada been for you guys, I heard you guys like touring up here?
C- It’s been great, some of the best crowds in the world are right here in Canada. We’re really happy and flattered that all these kids are coming out, it’s been really, really nice.
A- So your new album ‘Just One More’ has been released for two days …
C- Yes, two days now…
A- Would you say this record is more rock or ska or…
C- I would say it’s our most diverse record ever, there’s a lot of ska, there’s reggae, there’s punk rock, there’s Dixieland and rock it’s definitely our most diverse record.
A- Did you ever feel pressure from your fans to stay ska or maybe your label?
C- From our fans yeah, not necessarily ska but to do more horns heavy, more kind of original. On ‘Rock The Plank’ there was quite a few just straight ahead punk songs, the kids definitely wanted to hear more of the horn-heavy stuff so we made a conscious effort to go back to the old style but with a fresh outlook.
A- And your still on Fat Wreck Chords of course, do they give you full control?
C- Yeah we basically just use them so that when we’re in San Francisco we get a free lunch pretty much…
A- Yeah, I’m sure that’s why we’d all use Fat Wreck Chords…
C- Yep, we use them pretty much… Free lunches
A- You guys have always been labeled ska-core, I myself never really thought of you guys to be all ska, how do you feel about these misleading titles that sometimes bands get? And do you yourself think you’re ska-core?
C- Really I do think we play ska-core songs. I would consider ourselves eclectic rock with reggae Dixieland ska punkish.
A- Do you care about these labels?
C- A labels a label… People like you they like you, if they don’t they don’t. Generalizing stereotyping it’s one those things wrong with society.
A- The new record what would you say the lyrics are about? More pain… pleasure…?
C- Mostly about personal politics, life experiences…
A- What did you think of the review on for it?
C- I thought that obviously that guy didn’t really listen to the record. It sounds like he kind of just scanned through it because everything he was saying was contradictory. He was saying ‘oh Dixieland-punk thing that’s been done before’ yeah by us, we’re the only ones that I’ve ever heard that have done it. What’s wrong with a band sticking to their own sound, that’s the only sound we can claim we originated. It was really harsh, if someone wants to say ‘yeah it’s okay’ that’s fine but he ripped it apart and I think it was pretty rude, especially that we worked on this record for like nine months, most of us took second jobs, stayed at home and not toured, strictly made this record. It’s like sweat, that’s our life sweat on that CD and we’re really proud of it.
A- Do you think this is your best record?
C- For sure, no doubt about it. Duck and Cover’s the second best one, this one just kind of took ‘Duck and Cover’ in a little bit more of a mature way and re-created it I think…
A- You guys are infamous for drinking, what would the Caddies do it there was a prohibition again?
C- I think we’d move to Europe! Or we would start are own underground black market bootlegging company ‘The Mad Caddies bootlegging Co.’ for sure…
A- If Tiger Woods was your biggest fan and he came up to you guys and asked you to become the official band of the PGA would you say yes?
C- Yes as a golfer but I wouldn’t do it for Tiger Woods I would only do it for John Daly because he’s the notorious alcoholic fuck up on the PGA…
A- I think I’ve even heard of this guy and I don’t golf.
C- Yeah, on one hole he took 15 strokes, he couldn’t hit the ball. He’s a pretty rad red faced drunk I really like him and I think he’s a really great golfer, yep so if John Daly asked I would.
A- Is there anything else you’d like to cover or do you want to wrap things up
C- Sure but you have to ask the questions.
A- I heard you guys have a very close relationship to Fat Mike he and his wife even helped co-signing for you house…?
C- Yeah, well they tried but they couldn’t because of legal formalities, they tried though. They definitely got us our house, they gave us money to help get us our house. Yeah, it’s a good relationship, it’s definitely a friendship relationship with everyone at Fat Wreck Chords…
A- I always wondered how personal it was, you guys have toured with NOFX that’s touring with your boss, was that fun?
C- Oh it’s super personal, basically we can go and sit down at anybodies desk at Fat Wreck Chords and put our feet up on the desk you know, we’re all friends we all go out and party together when we come into town, it’s really good.
A- After this Fat Tour I heard you guys are heading off to Europe? Are you guys headlining out there?
C- Yes the Fat Tour is continuing on to Europe and The Real McKenzies are being replaced by The Lawrence Arms, well not replaced we love the Real McKenzies the only problem is they’re big in Europe they can headline on their own.
A- And you guys are going to be on Warped?
C- Yeah we’re going to be on the whole Warped Tour…
A- On a main stage?
C- Yes we’re main stage every other day, switching off between bands on the side stage.
(tour manager come on bus and let’s us know there’s two kids dressed as pirates trying to get into the show)
C- Is Deez Nuts taken? We should definitely get them in, we always put stupid extra names on the guestlist so we can get kids in if it’s sold out, if we have the room why not we’ll try to help out.
A- I’ve done it before, why wouldn’t a band if they could… Okay anything you want to add
C- Only dirty stuff but we don’t need to hear that.