The Fullblast

Mississauga, Ontario's The Fullblast has announced a return to activity with a trio of upcoming shows and a new EP in the works.

The band will play in Toronto on December 5th at Sneaky Dee's, followed by a show the next day at Detroit's Magic Stick supporting The Swellers on their last show in the city. This all culminates in a show on Sunday, December 7th as part of the Burly Calling event in Burlington, Ontario. The band will be headlining the Boston Manor with The Penske File and more support to be announced. You can find tickets for the Burly Calling show

Hi. We are The Fullblast.

We last made new music together 10 years ago. A lot has happened since then - other bands, moves across the country, kids, masters programs, careers and the ebb and flow of friendships. But 10 years later, The Blast is still a part of our lives that we each cherish. So, with that in mind, we’ve got two announcements to make today:

Firstly, as you may have gleaned from our silly social networks, we are in the process of writing and recording a new EP. It’s the first time that Andy, Darran, Bri, Pud and I have been in that creative space together since we wrote Short Controlled Bursts over a decade ago. I won’t go in to too much detail - we’ll let the music speak for itself when it’s ready - but suffice it to say, its fast, pissed and fun. Stay tuned to our socials for little snippets as they are made available. We’re not sure exactly when or how the new music will be released yet, but we’re working on that. So, stay tuned there.

Secondly, we are excited to announce three shows in December. We’ll play songs from way back, and try out some of the new material as well. The shows are as follows - tickets are on sale now, or will be shortly:

Friday, December 5th - Toronto, ON at Sneaky Dee’s
Saturday, December 6th - Detroit, MI at The Magic Stick (The Swellers last Detroit show)
Sunday, December 7th - Burlington, ON @ Burly Calling Festival

We’re excited to play together again, and especially excited to play some new stuff. Detroit and Windsor hold a special place for us - some of our strongest band and personal friendships have come from there, so it’ll be great to get back to Motown to see some aged yet familiar faces. We’re also stoked to be a part of Burly Calling this year - if only they could move the show to the Music Centre the nostalgia trip would be complete.

To be clear - The Fullblast isn’t getting back together to be a full time touring band. Everyone has too much going on in their own lives these days to try and relive that era. This is just for fun. We’re a little older, a lot fatter, and as stoked as ever to be playing fast music together again. It’s a creative itch we’ve all wanted to scratch for a while, and even better, it’s allowed us all to reconnect as friends again.

So, that’s it for now. Thanks for all of the support and interest. We hope you can join us at the shows in December, and check back for updates on this EP in the coming weeks.

Andy, Darran, Bri, Pud & Ian