Exclusive: The Brokedowns detail new record

Punknews is happy to share that The Brokedowns will release their forthcoming album titled Life is a Breeze on December 9, 2014 via Red Scare Industries and will be available through online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc) on December 2, 2014. The album was recorded in Chicago by Joe Gac. A special release party in Chicago is currently being organized (full details forthcoming). Red Scare's Toby Jeg stated:

These four dudes are more working class than Cock Sparrer, but they've played some festivals and have done a couple 7"s since that last album, and I'm happy that Kris and the guys could put down their hammers long enough to make these 16 jams. Vinyl takes MONTHS to make these days, but we should have LPs for ya by December…


  1. Joliet, The Maui Of The Midwest
  2. The Gospel Of Mustafa
  3. Life Is A Breeze
  4. Murder Junkie/CPA
  5. Everything Is Immoral
  6. Born On The Bayou Too
  7. What A Drag
  8. The End Is Not Near
  9. Bless This Mess
  10. Cash For Gold
  11. DIY Space Program
  12. Vapor Chase
  13. I Respect Your Right To Always Be Wrong About Everything
  14. God Hates Math
  15. Keep Branson Weird
  16. A Child's Guide To Black Metal