Punknews is excited to present the online premiere of filmmaker Rickard P. Keeshan's documentary short on David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven titled "Trouble Sleep." Keeshan explains:

Last year, I accompanied saxophonist David Hillyard (The Slackers, Hepcat) and Larry McDonald (Dub is a Weapon) on a whirlwind European tour with his sometimes band, The Rocksteady 7. The result is a 13-minute Impressionistic valentine of a film to a longstanding artist on the punk landscape on one night in Paris. In conjunction with the film is an essay in playbill form on all of the artists involved.

The film screened in New York City earlier this year and you can now check it from the comfort of your by home by clicking below. We've also attached the playbill essay.

David Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven are planning to return to Europe for a tour in 2015.

TROUBLE SLEEP V9 FINAL from Marc Beroza on Vimeo.