Allison Weiss wrote earlier today on her website that she and her band have had a serious accident in Wyoming. The band's van hit some ice, ran into the median and flipped twice. Allison, as well as the rest of the band (Liam, Pete, Will and Kaitlyn), are all ok.

My Fest wristband is replaced with a new bracelet, one that says Allison Amling Weiss and my birthday and the name of the local hospital. I have a staple in my head where the doctor patched up a gash I got when I hit the side window… We are SO lucky."

The Gator, Allison Weiss's tour van, was totaled in the wreck.

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All Bandcamp purchases in the next 72 hours will go 100 percent towards the recuperation fund. You can buy Allison Weiss's music here.

"I don’t know what this will mean for my touring future. I know we’ll keep pushing on, but for a small band like myself, this is a huge hit. We’ve already incurred medical bills and hotel costs, insurance deductibles and the like. We haven’t even had a chance to check out our gear yet, and the idea of trying to find a new van makes my brain hurt… or maybe that’s the staple…"