The Disconnects release new LP details

The Disconnects have released the details for their new album. The LP will be called …Wake Up Dead. It's out December 30, 2014 via Baldy Longhair. You can find pre-orders here. The cassette version comes with a bunch of bonus tracks.

The band also released a new single. The single is called "No Life Like the Low Life." The band previously released …Are Healthy [cassette] in 2011.

Track List:
Demolition Heart
Wake Up Dead
Lonely Boy
I Don’t Mind
Makes Me Wanna Kill
For Mindy
No Life Like The Low Life
She’s A Fink
Kills Me Sick
California Screamin’
Fade Away
Sick Sick Sick

Cassette Bonus Tracks
I Wanna Be In Uganda
You’re Gonna Know
Wake Up Dead (Live in Austin)
Fade Away (Live in Baltimore)
I Don’t Mind (Demo)
Stranger (Live in Asbury Park)
Bomb Drop (Live in Asbury Park)
Frustration (Live in Asbury Park)
Parasite (Live in Asbury Park)
I Wanna Be Loved (Live in Asbury Park)