by E1 Music

High on Fire have announced their next LP. The album will be called Luminiferous and it's out June 23, 2015 via E1 Music. The record was produced by Kurt Ballou. In a release, frontman Matt Pike stated:

“We’re doing our part to expose The Elite and the fingers they have in religion, media, governments and financial world downfall and their relationship to all of our extraterrestrial connections in the race to control this world. Wake up, it’s happening. All while we stare at a socially engineered lie we think of as normalcy. Unless we wake from the dream, there will come true doom.”

Luminiferous Track listing:

  1. The Black Plot
  2. Carcosa
  3. The Sunless Years
  4. Slave the Hive
  5. The Falconist
  6. Dark Side of the Compass
  7. The Cave
  8. Luminiferous
  9. The Lethal Chamber