The Beastie Boys vs. Monster Energy Drink battle continues, though it may be nearing a final conclusion. A New York judge awarded the Beastie Boys $668,000 in legal fees against Monster. However, they had been asking for $2.4 million in legal fees. In his judgment, the judge stated the the B-boys "chose a 'Cadillac Escalade' litigation route rather than a 'Honda Civic' route." He also stated that despite their claims to the contrary, the Beastie Boys will turn a profit in the case.

Previously, the Beastie Boys won $1.7 million in Damages from Monster after Monster energy drink gave away a free mix of Beastie Boys' songs without the Beastie Boys' permission and used the Beastie Boys music in an online commercial with the words "RIP MCA" just days after the death of MCA (all despite MCA's explicit statement to the contrary in his will wherein he said that he never wanted his music to be used for commercial reasons after his passing).

In June 2014, after the verdict, Monster stated that it would file a motion to set aside the verdict and failing that, appeal the judgment. It is unclear if an appeal is still in process.